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Cthulhu Lies Dreaming: Twenty-three Tales of the Weird and Cosmic

by A. Leeman Kessler, Lynne Hardy, Pete Rawlik, et al

Table of Contents
Foreword – Kenneth Hite
Nikukinchaku – Matthew Hockey
Babatunde – Ayobami Leeman Kessler
The Myth of Proof – Greg Stolze
Service – Lynnea Glasser
The Star that is Not a Star – Lucy Brady
August Lokken – Yma Johnson
Wake My Lord – M. S. Swift
Puddles – Thord D. Hedengren
Sometimes, the Void Stares Back – Marc Reichardt
Beyond the Shore – Lynne Hardy
Bleak Mathematics – Brian Fatah Steele
Father of Dread – Matthew Chabin
He Sees You in His Dreams – Samuel Morningstar
Isophase Light – Daniel Marc Chant
Icebound – Morris Kenyon
Seven Nights in a Sleep Clinic – Saul Quint
Mykes Reach – William Couper
Notes on Wilcox – Peter Rawlik
Offspring – Evey Brett
Out on Route 22 – E. Dane Anderson
The Red Brick Building – Mike Davis
The Lullaby of Erich Zann – G. K. Lomax
Cymothoa Cthulhii – Gethin A. Lynes

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