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Review: Black Magick, Volume 1

by Alasdair Stuart Detective Rowan Black works Portsmouth Robbery/Homicide. She has a gifted, considerate partner who has some personal space issues, a boss and colleagues who respect her and a close circle of friends. Some of whom are in the same Coven as her. Rowan Black is a homicide detective. Rowan Black is a witch. […]

Hookland 140 — June 22nd

by David Southwell “Sir, Your latest article on us was full of clichés and easy lies AS usual. The image of WITCH as crone is as incomplete as Goya’s depiction of her as Beauty. She is all in one. I’ve no need to ‘whitewash the black arts’. There are no black arts. There’s no need […]

Review: Preacher, Episode 4

by Marc Reichardt What Has Gone Before kept going I’m a “book reader” when it comes to Game of Thrones, as opposed to a “show watcher”, which means that I read the novels before the show began; since 1996, in fact. So the vast majority of what occurred in the seasons leading up to the […]

Review: Game of Thrones, Season 6, Episode 9

by Marc Reichardt A little bit of the old ultraviolence For most of the series, the 9th episode has been the big battle scene of one kind or another, whether it was a domestic dispute or something more explosive. “The Battle of the Bastards” was no different in that respect, but it was still somewhat […]

Disruption: Episode 2

Two weeks ago we gave you the first episode/chapter of Disruption.  We heard from many that they wanted to submit stories but felt intimidated. This second chapter explores characters that we saw in the first one, but shifts to a male point of view character. We hope this leaves you with a few more dangling […]

DND Kids: Figurine

“There is too much plastic in this girl!” Uri Kurlianchik is a writer and game designer. He also plays D & D with kids in schools and community centres. His stories “The Storyteller” and “A Night in the Court of Sophia” were featured in Red Phone Box: A Darkly Magical Story Cycle. Jamie Keys is […]

Hookland 140 — June 15th

by David Southwell “You ask whether I take Mr. Collins tawdry, self-publicising remarks about the murder being UFO related seriously. The answer is no, I bloody well don’t. I’ll tell you why. The memorial to Stanley the lion is the only thing actually sleeping in Ashcourt necropolis if Mr. Collins is to be believed. Let […]

Review: Preacher, Episode 3

by Marc Reichardt So now we’re arcing toward annoying   I’ve run into a few people over the years who felt that Breaking Bad started slowly. My typical response has been: “Are you kidding me? It opens with a guy in a gas mask and his tighty-whities, driving an RV at high speed across the […]

Review: Game of Thrones, Season 6, Episode 8

by Marc Reichardt You Can’t Escape Who You Are We’ve known for a while now that Arya would never be able to become one of the Faceless Men. Her identity as a Stark is too much a part of who she is as a person. The fact that she’s even in Braavos and the House […]

Review: Outcast, Volumes 1 and 2

by Alasdair Stuart Alasdair reviews Outcast, the comic, in preparation for the new TV series. Kyle Barnes has returned home, with blood trailing behind him. Something dreadful happened between Kyle, his wife and their daughter and now he’s sleeping in the mouldering ruin of his childhood home. The place where his mother violently abused him […]