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Review: Preacher — Spiritual Stamp

by Marc Reichardt Today’s musical interlude is descriptive, but not determinative. In other words, despite what follows, don’t lose all hope yet. Ongoing series will often run into the problem of the sophomore slump, in that their second season will often be much less interesting than their first, either because their writers have gone down […]

Review: Game of Thrones, Season 6, Episode 7

by Marc Reichardt Stuff you don’t like to do   At many points in life, you’re stuck doing things that you’d rather not be. Most people don’t like their jobs. I don’t like mine. I’d rather be writing for a living (such as being a TV and movie critic…) But you do what you gotta […]

Review: Russell T. Davies’ A Midsummer Night’s Dream

by Alasdair Stuart Shakespeare would have been a brilliant musician. His plays all hum with this musical sense of composition as characters and plots wrap around and riff on one another. That could be jazz, there’s certainly that genre’s openness and adaptability to a lot of his work. But, for me, Shakespeare was the original […]

Interview: Matthew Chabin

Matthew Chabin is a writer from Portland, Oregon.  He was a journalist in the US Navy and studied literature and philosophy at Southern Oregon University.  His writing is a mixture of memoir, journalism and fiction.  He is the winner of the 2015 Miglior Press Essay Contest, and is currently pursuing larger publishing goals.  He lives in […]

Disruption: An Experiment in Science Fiction Collaboration

Welcome to the series opener for Disruption, a science fiction collaborative project featuring, well, you. We’re going to post the first story in this project. Then you — yes, you right there — will write the next chapter. At least we hope you’ll give it a try. We’ll choose the best submissions each week — […]

DND Kids: Old Age

“A man plays D&D with kids for a living. This is his story…” Uri Kurlianchik is a writer and game designer. He also plays D & D with kids in schools and community centres. His stories “The Storyteller” and “A Night in the Court of Sophia” were featured in Red Phone Box: A Darkly Magical […]

Hookland 140 – June 1

by David Southwell – C.L. Nolan, The Sleeping King, published by Bourne & Periman, 1901   About Hookland: Hookland is in part a response to the weird, the paranormal content in culture when I was growing up in 1970s. In many ways I look at Hookland as an act of re-enchantment, a putting back all the […]

Review: Game of Thrones – Season 6 Ep. 6

by Marc Reichardt Sometimes it’s just out of your (cold) hands There comes a time when you realize that things are just going to be different, no matter what you try to do. Circumstances, people, the weather; sometimes they all conspire against you and you just have to either go with the flow or stand […]

Review: Preacher — Episode 1

by Marc Reichardt This week we begin reviewing TV shows that fall along our genre lines. Our first is AMC’s Preacher, which debuted last week. Last week, someone asked me if I’d be interested in doing some reviews/critiques of Preacher, since it’s based on the comic of the same name by Garth Ennis.and Steve Dillon. […]