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Disruption — Episode 3

Our collaborative  novel project continues. Inspired to write? Check out the submissions page here. Previous episodes: Episode 1  Episode 2 Discipline by Tamsyn H. Kennedy (© 2016 Tamsyn H. Kennedy All Rights Reserved) Harley pulled the fibre optic cable plug roughly from the bottom of Julie’s skull, making her wince. “Why won’t this work? “ […]

Disruption: Episode 2

Two weeks ago we gave you the first episode/chapter of Disruption.  We heard from many that they wanted to submit stories but felt intimidated. This second chapter explores characters that we saw in the first one, but shifts to a male point of view character. We hope this leaves you with a few more dangling […]

Disruption: An Experiment in Science Fiction Collaboration

Welcome to the series opener for Disruption, a science fiction collaborative project featuring, well, you. We’re going to post the first story in this project. Then you — yes, you right there — will write the next chapter. At least we hope you’ll give it a try. We’ll choose the best submissions each week — […]