It’s a treacherous region, the future.

You can’t see far, and the footing is uncertain at best. Ghosts and phantoms stalk the haze around you, and their chittering will lead you astray. There are no maps to this territory, but sometimes a brave soul strides out ahead into the haunted shadows. Those who return to the campfire of the now often bear tales of the visions seared into their minds while they were out there, in the mists.

We have scoured the earth for these most daring of travelers – the ones who have ventured out into the future and returned wraith-laden. Fifteen of them agreed to share their stories. Their enthralling accounts will seize you, and you might find it difficult to fight free of them afterwards, but any risks are overshadowed by the dazzling wonders that await. So muster your courage, and dive into the pages. Haunted Futures of all kinds await you, with open arms and suspiciously toothy smiles.

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... [a] hot fusion of memory, desire, and technology... These stories do harrowing and beauty with equal grace and force.

Richard Kadrey

bestselling author of the Sandman Slim series

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anthology, futuristic fantasy, sci fi
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Edited by Salomé Jones; cover design by Gábor Csigás expected release, approx. May 2, 2017