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Lynne Hardy

Originally trained as a biomedical research scientist, Lynne Hardy was first introduced to Lovecraft’s work through Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game whilst at university. Having failed to escape the mind-rending insanity of the Mythos, she now works on Modiphius Entertainment’s Achtung! Cthulhu game as a writer, editor and line manager, and can be found […]

Helmer Gorman

Helmer Gorman is a new writer working from early retirement in the Isles of Scotland. He spends his nights writing, accompanied by his cats, and his days enjoying the wilderness and imagining everyone else in the world has disappeared.

Gábor Csigás

Gábor Csigás is a writer (with most of his short stories published in Hungarian) whose surname was, as far as he knows, not invented by H.P. Lovecraft, even though it might seem and sound so to some. He’s also a designer (and a developer, where applicable) of book covers, websites and other weird things. Follow […]

Jeremy Clymer

Jeremy Clymer is a husband, father, writer, and stand-up comic all inhabiting the same body. That body is currently located somewhere around Grand Rapids, Michigan in the United States. It has produced a number of published short stories, some of which are linked to on his blog at He’s also on Twitter under the […]

Joff Brown

Joff Brown is a magazine editor, fiction writer, and writer-for-hire. Kids’ storybooks, Doctor Who short stories, fairy tales, that kind of thing. He’s @JoffB on Twitter. Last one to follow him’s a shoggoth.

Piers Beckley

Piers Beckley came into this world naked, screaming, and covered in blood, and feels that this has coloured his outlook ever since. He lives in London, south of the river. Most of the monsters and fey there are gone now. Most of them.

E. Dane Anderson

Seattle-based writer E. Dane Anderson grew up in Spokane, Washington. He attended Eastern Washington University and University College London, holding masters degrees in both History and Archaeology. He is currently employed as an archaeologist for an Environmental consulting firm. He is also a photographer and musician.

Reuben Miles

Reuben Miles grew up in London until his parents decided that they needed fresher air. They bundled themselves up and drove to Devon, which is in the South West of UK. He spent the rest of his childhood climbing trees and telling stories and writing music in a tumbledown cottage with friends. Reuben studied Artificial […]

Jessica Barksdale Inclan

 Jessica Barksdale Inclán’s debut novel Her Daughter’s Eyes, published in 2001, was the premier novel published under New American Library’s new imprint Accent. Her Daughter’s Eyes was a final nominee for the YALSA Award for the best books of 2001 and best paperbacks for 2001 and has been published in both Dutch and Spanish. She’s […]

Greg Stolze

Greg Stolze was born in 1970 and in the intervening decades has written games (“REIGN,” “A Dirty World,” “Better Angels”) novels (“SWITCHFLIPPED,” “SINNER,” “Mask of the Other”) and ever so many short stories. (They’re archived at and you can read them for free. Fair bit of Mythos stuff in there.) Also, one comic book […]