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Helmer Gorman

Helmer Gorman is a new writer working from early retirement in the Isles of Scotland. He spends his nights writing, accompanied by his cats, and his days enjoying the wilderness and imagining everyone else in the world has disappeared.

Greg Stolze

Greg Stolze was born in 1970 and in the intervening decades has written games (“REIGN,” “A Dirty World,” “Better Angels”) novels (“SWITCHFLIPPED,” “SINNER,” “Mask of the Other”) and ever so many short stories. (They’re archived at and you can read them for free. Fair bit of Mythos stuff in there.) Also, one comic book […]

Gethin A. Lynes

Gethin Lynes is a novelist, comics writer and a general peddler of parables. For some reason (having lived in such exotic locales Worton, Maryland) he now resides in Perth, Australia with his remarkably tolerant, darling wife and two cats. His shameless cynicism, love of whisky and expletives, and uncanny talent for speaking before thinking regularly […]

Gábor Csigás

Gábor Csigás is a writer (with most of his short stories published in Hungarian) whose surname was, as far as he knows, not invented by H.P. Lovecraft, even though it might seem and sound so to some. He’s also a designer (and a developer, where applicable) of book covers, websites and other weird things. Follow […]

G.K. Lomax

G K Lomax is a pseudonym. Behind it lies a strangely reserved and camera-shy individual from the fair English county of Essex. Contrary to rumour, he is mostly harmless. He writes short stories which are sometimes favourably received, and longer works whose time has not yet come, mostly because they’re unfinished. Oh, and verse which […]

Francesca Burgon

Francesca Burgon is a stagehand by career, a poet and a dreamer by her heart and writes screenplays for fun. She lives with her son, a cat and far too many funky hats to make it practical to move easily.

Felicity Shoulders

Felicity Shoulders was born in Portland, Oregon. She abandoned her dream of being a paleontologist at the age of 20 rather than the traditional 5, and devoted herself to writing instead. Her first published fiction appeared in Asimov’s Science Fiction in 2008. Subsequent stories have been published in Asimov’s, Fantasy & SF and elsewhere. Her story […]

Evey Brett

Evey Brett lives in southern Arizona with two cats and a Lipizzan mare. She’s been published with Lethe Press, Cleis Press, Pathfinder Web Fiction and elsewhere and has attended workshops like Clarion, Taos Toolbox and the Lambda Literary Retreat for Emerging LGBT Writers. Visit her online at


erisreg is an acerbic hermit in the woods of New Hampshire.  He spends his time with chaos and magic, creating and trying to keep the damage to a minimum…

E. Dane Anderson

Seattle-based writer E. Dane Anderson grew up in Spokane, Washington. He attended Eastern Washington University and University College London, holding masters degrees in both History and Archaeology. He is currently employed as an archaeologist for an Environmental consulting firm. He is also a photographer and musician.