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Brian Fatah Steele

Brian Fatah Steele has been writing various types of dark fiction for over ten years, from horror to urban fantasy and science fiction. Growing up hooked on comic books and monster movies, his work gravitates towards anything imaginative and dynamic. Steele originally went to school for fine arts but finds himself far more fulfilled now […]

Adam Vidler

Adam Vidler is a journalist who grew up in Outback Australia. He now resides in Sydney where he leads a largely normal existence. Even when Yog-Sothoth visits him in his dreams they simply drink whiskey together and play the occasional game of chess. Thus far Adam has never won.

Peter Tupper

Peter Tupper is a writer and journalist in Vancouver, BC. His previously published fiction includes the steampunk erotica story collection The Innocent’s Progress & Other Stories (Circlet Press, 2010), the zombie erotica story “The Charge of the Soul” (Forbidden Fiction, 2012), and the science-fiction story An Angel Has No Memory (Inkstained Succubus, 2014).

John Reppion

John Reppion has written weird articles for the likes of Fortean Times, Strange Attractor Journal, and Darklore. His day job is scripting comics with his wife and writing partner Leah Moore. John’s fiction has previously appeared in SteamPunk Magazine, on, and been published by Vagrants Among Ruins and Swan River Press. Find him on […]

Marc Reichardt

Marc Reichardt continues to reside in the Other World of Ypsilanti, Michigan, with two demons that purport to be cats. He’s a repeat offender with Ghostwoods (Cthulhu Lives!) and still plots to replace the US government with something even marginally sane. He can be found on Twitter @jackwraith and on his occasional blog:

Gethin A. Lynes

Gethin Lynes is a novelist, comics writer and a general peddler of parables. For some reason (having lived in such exotic locales Worton, Maryland) he now resides in Perth, Australia with his remarkably tolerant, darling wife and two cats. His shameless cynicism, love of whisky and expletives, and uncanny talent for speaking before thinking regularly […]

Iain Lowson

Iain Lowson has been a freelance writer for thumty-tum years now, flirting with journalism, writing loads of official Star Wars stuff, various bits and pieces for video games, and dabbling in RPGs. He created the award-winning ‘Dark Harvest: The Legacy of Frankenstein’ RPG with some chums, the short story anthology for which – called ‘Tales […]

G.K. Lomax

G K Lomax is a pseudonym. Behind it lies a strangely reserved and camera-shy individual from the fair English county of Essex. Contrary to rumour, he is mostly harmless. He writes short stories which are sometimes favourably received, and longer works whose time has not yet come, mostly because they’re unfinished. Oh, and verse which […]

A. Leeman Kessler

Leeman Kessler has been depicting HP Lovecraft on stage and screen since 2010. Originally from Nigeria, he’s now back in the United States with his wife and daughter after a decade of living in Canada. He hosts his comedic advice program, Ask Lovecraft, as well as acts, produces live theatre and podcasts, and generally strives […]

S. T. Joshi

S. T. Joshi is the author of The Weird Tale (1990), The Modern Weird Tale (2001), and Unutterable Horror: A History of Supernatural Fiction (2012). His award-winning biography H. P. Lovecraft: A Life (1996) was later expanded and updated as I Am Providence: The Life and Times of H. P. Lovecraft (2010). Joshi has prepared […]