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Daniel Marc Chant

Daniel Marc Chant is an author of strange fiction. His passion for H. P. Lovecraft and the films of John Carpenter inspired him to produce intense, cinematic stories with a sinister edge. Daniel launched his début, Burning House, swiftly following with the Lovecraft-inspired “Maldición.” His most recent book “Mr. Robespierre” has garnered universal praise. He […]

Tim Dedopulos

Tim Dedopulos is an unrepentant writer, editor, puzzle creator and game designer. A long-time lover of genre, he is particularly interested in the places where prose, film and game are coming together. He can be found at, or on Twitter as @ghostwoods.

Salomé Jones

Salomé Jones is a writer turned editor who enjoys stories where reality meets the strange and wondrous. Though she can now be found wondering around Europe, her native habitat includes the American Midwest, Northwest, and East Coast. Her favorite place is London, where she often sets her stories. Find her on Twitter at @call_me_salome.  

Lucy Brady

Lucy Brady is a London-based writer and researcher of speculative fiction and occult history. She discovered Lovecraft as a teenager, which inspired an enduring love of the literary Weird in all its many forms. After a brief foray into fiction as a teenager, she spent several years studying literature and classical languages, before returning to […]

Yma Johnson

Yma Johnson is a first generation Sierra Leonean immigrant who began her writing career in 1996 as a journalist in Puerto Rico. She has written articles on topics ranging from the criminalization of the mentally ill to Japanese swordsmanship. She is a master’s candidate in creative writing at Eastern Michigan University where she recently taught […]

Uri Kurlianchik

Uri’s work has been published by Wizards of the Coast, Paizo Publishing, Mongoose and other less savory venues which, if you value your sanity, you’re strongly discouraged from pursuing. His latest book,  Tales From an Israeli Storyteller, is a story cycle and a guide exploring a fantastic vision of his native Israel. It is available […]

Pete Rawlik

Pete Rawlik, a long time collector of Lovecraftian fiction, is the author of more than fifty short stories, a smattering of poetry, and the Cthulhu Mythos novels Reanimators, and The Weird Company. He is a frequent contributor to the Lovecraft ezine and the New York Review of Science Fiction. In 2014 his short story Revenge […]

Evey Brett

Evey Brett lives in southern Arizona with two cats and a Lipizzan mare. She’s been published with Lethe Press, Cleis Press, Pathfinder Web Fiction and elsewhere and has attended workshops like Clarion, Taos Toolbox and the Lambda Literary Retreat for Emerging LGBT Writers. Visit her online at

William Couper

In the deep wilds of Scotland, hunkered down in a sylvan bunker, William Couper churns out works when he’s not hunting and foraging.  Well, he claims ‘deep wilds’ — all evidence points to him being somewhere in the Greater Glasgow area.  Although there are reports of a lot of cats, so there could be some […]