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Tamsyn H. Kennedy

Tamsyn H. Kennedy is currently writing her second novel, fitting it between working, studying, gaming, dog walking and changing the nappies of her multiple children. She can also be found playing Rockband vocals on Expert. Follow her on twitter @xtamsynx.

Sezin Koehler

Sezin Koehler, a true third culture kid, had lived in five different countries on three continents by the time she was fifteen and in six more since then. A passionate defender of human rights, indigenous cultures and women’s interests, Sezin has worked for UNICEF, the Sioux Nation, Davos, Interfaith International, and Mars, Inc – the […]

J. F. Lawrence

J.F. Lawrence is the name behind Hunter S. Blyton, Due South’s legendary rock ‘n’ roll scribe, and the perpetrator of several aborted novels and screenplays. He is now posing as a cultural critic and poet, and still waiting for the call from Steely Dan to put down a hot guitar solo for their next album. Follow […]

Remittance Girl

Remittance Girl is the pen name of a Canadian writer who squandered the genetically inherited talent of two brilliant parents. Born in Toronto, she spent her childhood at bullfights and in the churches of Madrid. Her adolescence festered in a series of chilly boarding schools in the south of England. The persona of Remittance Girl […]

Steven Sautter

Steven Sautter hurls books at passersby from his cage in one of the west coast’s major indie bookstores. He is one of the head writers for The Terrible Zodin and his comics journalism can be found flitting around the interwebs. His major claim to fame is interviewing both Captain Kirk and Luke Skywalker within 24 […]

Matthew Scoppetta

Matthew Scoppetta cut his artistic teeth by putting finger paint to wallpaper. Years later the wanton destruction of indoor living environments would, ironically, cultivate a passion for creation. An architectural designer/hyper-realistic renderer and artist currently occupying the southern portion of New Jersey, he hopes to bring a new perspective to fiction.

Joe Silber

Joe Silber earns his keep with his head in the cloud. In between manuals, he runs between paving stones conspiring to do him grave injury, writes the occasional poem, and employs the Oxford comma in the practice of composing bits of pulp, having determined the Great American Novel to be the greatest fiction of all. […]

Thadeus E. Suggs

Thadeus E. Suggs is a deaf college student by day and by night he’s still deaf but that doesn’t stop him from gambling with Hermes and out-drinking Dionysus. He blogs (sometimes) at and is known on Twitter as @thadw1d.

Chuck Walker

Chuck Walker is a novelist, cartoonist, musician and artist. His creativity spans many disciplines and over the years has produced many books, music CD’s, a number of works of art and cartoons. In his words “creativity is the heart of all things and without it, life would be meaningless.”  His latest work is called ‘The […]

Cvetomir Yonchev

Cvetomir Yonchev divides his spare time between reading books concerning war atrocities, trying his luck as a writer and artist and occasionally stepping out into the sun.