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Robert Bal

Robert Bal is a Londoner currently located in British Columbia, Canada where he is living under the guise of a woodworker and carpenter, a façade that quickly dissipates upon close inspection, revealing the careworn expression, chewed fingernails and ground down teeth of an inveterate writer of fiction, short stories and poems.

Chris Bissette

Chris Bissette lives in a small house with too many books in Manchester, UK. He writes short pieces about the interstices between light and dark, and is currently at work on his first novel. You can find him online at, or on Twitter @pangalactic.

Francesca Burgon

Francesca Burgon is a stagehand by career, a poet and a dreamer by her heart and writes screenplays for fun. She lives with her son, a cat and far too many funky hats to make it practical to move easily.

David Church Rodríguez

David Church Rodríguez started writing to avoid having to talk. He writes in both English and Spanish, and occasionally publishes short stories and translations here and there. A collection of his Spanish writing is due to be released on 2013. He currently lives near Paris and has a day job making people happy.

Peter Dawes

Peter Dawes is an author of urban fantasy, native to the United States. His stories often crawl from the inner recesses of a dark cellar and keep him up late at night until he finally succumbs to copying them down. One of these days, he might seek help for the voices in his head, but […]

James Desborough

James ‘Grim’ Desborough is an Origins’ Award winning writer for tabletop role-playing games but also dips his toe into comics and fiction writing and is hoping to find time for a novel before he dies of old age. Find him at Postmortem Studios.

Hollis Dorian

Hollis Dorian is an Artist, Author, and Supervillain. His paintings, illustrations, and velvet literary ramblings can be found at: Mr. Dorian currently resides on Earth.


erisreg is an acerbic hermit in the woods of New Hampshire.  He spends his time with chaos and magic, creating and trying to keep the damage to a minimum…

Kara Yoon Frame

Kara Yoon Frame (interior illustrations) was a traveler in the Himalayas for several years. She returned to study 3D Computer Graphics. Her cantastoria exploration continued with facilitating arts non-profits and production in intermedia performance only to rediscover her roots in illustration, sequential art, and educational transmedia. When not drawing, Kara makes synthetic tea while watching […]

Lacie Grayson

Lacie Grayson, former actress, former Circus Performer, is a steam punk girl with a film obsession. She loves her Holga and her family.  When she’s not taking pictures, she’s writing. She’s currently restarting and writing a digital novel called Sins.  Lacie is committed to traveling and sharing her world. You can step inside her ever […]