Our Staff



Managing Director and Publisher

Ultimate arbiter of what we do here; lends a broad view to things; edits; proofreads; approves covers; writes book blurbs; pays the bills.

Tim has worked as an editor at Carlton Books, Nightfall Games, European Passenger Services, Wizards of the Coast, Logica, Ogilvy, and others. He’s written more than 100 books, and edited more than 350 others. You can find out more about him on Wikipedia. Follow him on Twitter at @Ghostwoods.





Acquisitions; Senior Editor and Project Manager

Reads new manuscripts before anyone else; acts as a liaison to authors; coordinates book covers; edits; copy-edits; acts as primary contact to press; makes a lot of snacks. Eats them all herself.

Salomé has studied writing on two continents and holds an MFA and an MA. She’s worked professionally as an editor for the past seven years and has been with Ghostwoods Books since 2012. Follow her on Twitter at @call_me_salome



Gethin GW Staff PhotoGETHIN A. LYNES

Associate Editor

Resident curmudgeon; helps with slush; edits; copy-edits; proofreads; helps with marketing.

Gethin has been writing and editing for over a decade. He occasionally gets paid for it. He has a degree in Communications, amongst other things, and despite his blunt manner and love of expletives, he’s really quite professional. He is on the Twitters at @GETHINLYNES.



1401313479GÁBOR CSIGÁS

Designer/Art Director *

Coordinates, designs and creates covers; designs web and advertising graphics; gives advice; is super nice even when the rest of us are fried.  *Gábor contracts with us on a per project basis.

Gábor has been designing professionally for quite a long while. He’s also a writer whose short stories have seen print in English and in Hungarian (his native tongue.) You can find a sample of his book cover work here. And here’s a strange little story  by him, should you feel curious. Follow him on Twitter at @gaborcsigas.



Editorial Assistant/Executive in charge of all the fun stuff

Eva makes our days much better. Her cheeky grin and excellent ability to find out things no one else can makes her invaluable. Also, she’s really good at things like packaging and shipping books and keeping track of paperwork.  She helps with reading submissions. She makes a lot of curries.