Ghostwoods Books is currently only accepting complete manuscripts in answer to one of our Calls for Submission or in response to a request from one of our editors.

We’ll be calling for various things from time to time so check the calls regularly if you’re interested in working with us. If your manuscript is for a specific call or has been requested, please submit, in a format MS Word can deal with, preferably .doc, .docx, or .rtf, using our Submittable page. If you don’t have a Submittable account, you will need to create one. (It’s free!) You will get an auto-reply message and you’ll be able to easily see how we’re progressing with your manuscript. Bonus!

No Current calls for submissions




Things not to include: PDFs; file formats MS Word can’t open; ZIPs, RARs, Executables, image files or viruses; ludicrous bravado; unfinished books; Public Domain works you’ve copied; manuscripts you don’t own all the rights to; multiple different books; books substantially shorter than 60,000 words or longer than 150,000 words; and poetry — simply because we know nothing about it.

Please submit the whole manuscript in standard manuscript format, i.e. 11 or 12 pt. proportional serif font like Times New Roman or Garamond, left justified, MS Word or compatible format.

Please include only a title page (if you want one), your name and contact information and your manuscript. There should be nothing else in your file: no cover, no synopsis, no letter, no table of contents, no acknowledgments, etc. Just BOOK.

We use Submittable to receive and reply to submissions. If you query us via email ( please do NOT include attachments. They’ll just get lost in the black hole that is our Inbox. Instead, wait for a reply. If we’re interested, we’ll send you a link to the correct Submittable category.