Press Release: Fighting Horror with Horror

Date: 26 August, 2017

For immediate release


A progressive Anglo-American press is producing an anthology of stories which portray Donald Trump as a Lovecraftian abomination.


The King in Orange: Shadows Over the White House contains more than fifteen stories of cosmic and supernatural horror written by an assortment of professional writers and wordsmiths. It is a dim, distorted mirror, a bleak reflection of a maddening reality. Its pages are packed with stories that paint the King in Orange and his Dark House in strokes of insanity.

The authors behind this volume include Origins-award winning writer Greg Stolze, Cthulhu mythos author David Hambling, prolific post-apocalyptic author Adam Millard, and well-regarded career journalist Gary Wosk. The cover, which depicts a sullen Trump sitting on a skull-topped throne, is by the talented London-based Muslim artist Mo Ali. The company behind the project are Ghostwoods Books, an experienced fair-trade small press who give 50% of proceeds to their authors.

This project is not just an act of well-deserved mockery. The world is in a really tenuous state right now. Climate change is a very real threat to all human existence. Nationalism, racism, and corruption are surging across the western world. Nuclear war is suddenly a real prospect again, after forty years. A lot of this charge downwards is being spearheaded by Donald Trump. The damage he’s already done to the USA will take decades to repair. So this project is a potential chance to make a point – that this isn’t just business as usual turned ugly. He’s a real existential threat. To all of us.


The King in Orange: Shadows Over the White House is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

If it succeeds, stretch goals include:

* a volume of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic stories set five years after Brexit,

* illustrations for the book depicting the various monstrous forms of Trump imagined by the authors, and

* the anthology’s editors personally hand-delivering a copy of the book to Donald Trump himself in Washington, DC.



Veteran writer and editor Tim Dedopulos started Ghostwoods Books in London, England in 2010 as a digital publisher with a “fair-trade” business model, splitting proceeds evenly with writers. As the author of over a hundred books himself, he longed for a fairer deal. Their growing Anglo-American status was cemented with the addition of Executive Editor Salomé Jones, formerly of New York City. Seven years in, Ghostwoods are still giving authors half of the proceeds from their books. They’re always looking for ways to make their books better for readers and more beneficial for authors, and have a solid history of putting great anthologies (and novels) out into the world, both with and without Kickstarter’s help. Their previous cosmic horror releases have been particularly well received.

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