Leeman Kessler takes over the GhostwoodsBooks Twitter account today, April 4 from 1 – 3 EST.

Leeman Kessler as HP Lovecraftt

Leeman Kessler is the host of AskLovecraft on YouTube, where he portrays the horror writer H.P. Lovecraft and gives Lovecraftian advice to fans who email him questions. He also does many other creative things, including being a dad.

We’ve invited Leeman to talk about what he does and about the ups and downs of being a working creative.

Bring your questions and tweet him @GhostwoodsBooks using the hashtag #askleeman! Or just sit back and read.

Where to find Leeman on the web:



@leemankessler on Twitter

Author Reuben Miles answers kids’ questions

The Boy Who Spoke to Stars has been selected as a teaching text at the British council school in Taiwan. We’re very pleased for Reuben and for the kids. It’s a fun book for older middle graders and up. Check out Reuben’s responses to the questions below. The kids sent Reuben a list of questions […]

Haiku the Times: And the winners are…

Many thanks to all the participants. We were very impressed by the genuine feeling of all the haiku submitted. Here are our favorites and the reasoning behind our decisions. LILY sea brings back to shore boy bloated like closed lily life never unfurled by Samuel Son Samuel’s poem made us think of regugee children recently […]

Haiku the Times: First Round

We had so many great entries, it’s really challenging to narrow them down, so we’ve started by selecting a group of our favorites. We’ll choose the final winners from this group. You have not made this easy on us at all. But here are the first round selection. You will notice that a few of […]