Real Creatives: Living the creative dream

Leeman Kessler, Uri Kurlianchik, Marion Grace Woolley, Alasdair Stuart


Ghostwoods Books is pleased to announce we’ll soon have a number of creatives who have chosen to live non-standard lives and are succeeding at it. You may have considered doing such a thing yourself. Quitting your job. Living the dream, they call it.

Well, to be honest, if might not be that dreamy. But what would it look like, how would you do it? How do you create a designer life, using your particular skills and talents and actually making a go of it? Is it hard? Is it fun? We’ll turn over our Twitter feed to creatives who are making it work and let them tell you all about it. Bring your questions! Here’s the schedule so far:

Tuesday, 4 April. 1-3 EST. Leeman Kessler Leeman is a writer and actor who has created a niche, playing HP Lovecraft.

Thursday, 6 April. 1 – 3 EST. Uri Kurlianchik  Uri is a writer and game designer who teaches kids how to play RPGs as an afterschool activity.

Tuesday, 11 April 1-3 EST. Marion Grace Woolley Marion is a writer who repairs pianos while traveling around the world.

Thursday, 13 April 1-3 EST. Alasdair Stuart Alasdair is a writer and podcaster who founded several notable fiction podcast companies.

Check then out on Twitter @ghostwoodsbooks  on the specified dates and times.

We hope to do more of these, so keep your eyes on our site!


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