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“You minimize your presence. Body pressed flat against the wall, neutral smile, head slightly bowed – the affectations of a good servant. Master Harkin has already finished the dregs of his tea, while Master Bennett squints through his glasses at the newspaper, food untouched. You stare at them both. Harkin is simultaneously stroking his beard and wiping crumbs from his vest, no doubt appreciating his own efficiency. Bennett has forgone his vest again, but he at least keeps his face trimmed. He takes his glasses off and wipes them, the fifth time this morning. He’s nervous about something. Harkin’s idling at the table means he’s composing another lecture, which, if you’re quiet enough, he won’t unleash on you. They’re always on the same tired subjects – the hidden edges of reality, the secrets to finding the unknowable, the dangers beyond space and time. ” –Lynnea Glasser, from “Service” in Cthulhu Lies Dreaming

Lynnea Glasser is an award-winning independent game designer who draws on her science background to create strange and beautiful worlds that speak to our humanity. Her newest game, The Sea Eternal, was just released (on Steam and elsewhere). Her second story for Ghostwoods Books will appear in the anthology Haunted Futures, coming later this year. What brought her to our attention was her games–text adventures. Coloratura lets you play as a non-human, moving about in a laboratory complex, interacting with non-player characters. I found it challenging as someone who hasn’t played text-based games before, but a simplified version allowed me to learn the ropes. It’s fun and intriguing and sometimes frustrating, like a puzzle that you have to work out.

Salomé Jones interviews Lynnea in this audio clip: (about 8 minutes)

Where to find Lynnea online:


Twitter: @lynneaglasser


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