March Coffee and a Book

UPDATE: And the winner is… Mike Maguire.

Mike will receive a paperback copy of Cthulhu Lies Dreaming and some coffee from the Coffee Shop of Horrors.

Be sure and enter next time for your chance to win.

MIke McGuire


Several months ago, we did our first coffee and a book giveaway. The winner, Ralph Pullins, submitted this photo.



His prize?  Two books, one of ours and one on his reading list and a bag of fairtrade coffee.



With today’s release of Cthulhu Lies Dreaming: Twenty-three Tales of the Weird and Cosmic, it’s time for a new Coffee and a Book contest.

Contest Rules

We drink it while writing. We drink it while editing. We drink it while reading.

If you’re a coffee drinker, we’re betting you do the same.

Now is your chance to show the world.
Send us snaps, pics, photos, images, selfies or not, with people or not, of coffee and a book. Extra points if the book is one you actually recommend people should read. (It does not have to be a book we publish.) Submit by midnight March 14, AoE time (That’s UTC -12).

On March 15,2015, we’ll choose one person to win coffee and a book.  This time the book will be


and the coffee will be Tansanian Peaberry Shrieking Toad, from the Coffee Shop of Horrors:


Rules: You must own the photo and have the right to share it. By sending it to us, you are taking responsibility for the photo and telling us that no ninjas or lawyers will traverse the earth to find and kill or sue us for posting it. Anyone in the photo must have given permission for it to be posted. No pictures of anything illegal. We will use our discretion where there’s doubt. [If you don’t drink coffee, you can use another drink.]

Email photos to: alice at Use the subject line “Coffee and a Book.” Make sure you include your name. If you’re a winner we’ll contact you at the email address you used to send the photo to get your details. You can also tweet it to us at @GhostwoodsBooks. We’ll pull it down and post it on our site.

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