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DND Kids: Kid 1

“A man plays D&D with kids for a living. This is his story…” Uri Kurlianchik is a writer and game designer. He also plays D & D with kids in schools and community centres. His stories “The Storyteller” and “A Night in the Court of Sophia” were featured in Red Phone Box: A Darkly Magical […]

Hookland 140 — June 29th

by David Southwell “In words as secret and as rare as the promises exchanged by lovers, he called into the darkness for the King of Tangled Ways. He called out: “I am brother to fox and badger. I am song of the night. I am the lost traveller. In the hours when our shadows wake […]

Podcast Review: Archive 81

by Alasdair Stuart I have a charm in the shape of an old microphone on my keychain. You know the sort of thing; big, rectangular lump that usually has a wire cage around it and is often seen being lowered from the rafters of Madison Square Garden just before a big fight. I have it […]